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This monthly conflict report is designed to update stakeholders on conflict early warning incidents as identified by CIEPD Conflict Watch Centre (CWC) across the 9 States in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The approach of the CWC is focused on predicting, tracking, monitoring and reporting on situations, events and actors (individual, group and institutions) with the capacity to cause violence. The CWC conflict early warning information is collected mainly through community trained incidents reporters and as well as social media sources.


Summary of Reported Incidents 

According to CWC data (see Figure 1), a total of 48 conflict early warning incidents were reported in January 2020 across the 9 States in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. The highest number  of reported incidents in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria in January 2020 were in Delta State with 10 reports, followed by Rivers State with 10 reports. Akwa Ibom State had the least number of reports during the month with 1 reported conflict incidents.

Figure 1: Number of Reported Incidents by State


Figure 2: Types of Reported Incidents (Jan 2020)

Figure 3: Type of Reported Incidents by State

Situation Analysis

Conflict and violence in the Niger Delta region in January 2020 was caused largely by Violence/criminality, Kidnapping and GVWG.  Edo, Bayelsa and Rivers state were the most violent based on reported incidents. The CWC is monitoring the situation closely will collaborate with stakeholders for appropriate interventions.

Prevention Interventions

During the month, 2 successful interventions in communal conflict and Violence/Criminality were carried out by the CWC in Obio/Akpor LGA, Rivers State.

The COVID-19 crisis is truly a global and borderless challenge to every nation on earth. Tracking the virus and its impact is especially difficult because it is clear that social distancing is a necessary tool to stunt the spread.

 So how can information about the virus’ impact and a community or government’s response be verified if those responsible for documenting are also in isolation? Much of the world is relying on crowdsourced images and videos being transmitted through mobile phone capture. However, by doing so, we all become more susceptible to fraud, misinformation, and disinformation.

In response, CIEPD is now leveraging Truepic Vision to source and track its community’s response to the COVID-19 crisis. Through verified imagery, CIEPD is able to monitor, audit, and keep track of safety measures being deployed at local institutions like hospitals, banks, government offices, and provide verified and trusted information to its community. “We are trying to document and track our community and local governments’ response to the pandemic. We want to make sure that both the governments and communities are doing their parts. We document the positive response to the virus to give credit to the people who deserve it, and we document the negative response to hold officials accountable. We use verified photos because there is a great deal of misinformation about the virus out there. During these times, communities and governments need to see only the photos they can trust,” said Egondu Esinwoke-Ogbalor, CEO of CIEPD.

We are proud of our partner’s work and recognize how critical high-trust digital media will be for organizations working to collect and disseminate accurate information. It is affirming to see how Controlled Capture verified images can play a positive role during this challenging crisis.

Title of Project:            Community Specific Early Warning Tracking System (CS-CEWTS)

Location:                     Bayelsa State

Funding:                      (NSRP)/BRITISH COUNCIL with funding from DFID

Year:                            2014

Title of Project:           The Bayelsa Conflict Prevention and Peace Building Project  in    Sagbama  Local Government Areas Bayelsa State

This program was an extension of the first phase. Implementation of the 2nd phase started on 22nd September to May 2017.  The report will cover only the activities that falls with the reporting year that is January to May 2017.

Friday, 20 April 2018 10:07

Bayelsa Conflict Prevention Project

Location:                     Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

Funding:                      Foundation for Partnership Initiative in the Niger Delta (PIND)

Year:                            2018

Location:                     Akuku Toru Local Government of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Funding:                      European Union

Year:                            2017/2018

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