Community Specific Early Warning Tracking System (CS-CEWTS)


Title of Project:            Community Specific Early Warning Tracking System (CS-CEWTS)

Location:                     Bayelsa State

Funding:                      (NSRP)/BRITISH COUNCIL with funding from DFID

Year:                            2014


Conflict Management in the Niger Delta has been more reactionary than pro-active in approach. Stakeholders such as the government, civil society organizations, community based organizations and affected communities react to conflicts after instead of taking pro-active steps to ensure that conflict situations are prevented. Before  escalation. This project proposes a more pro-active approach to preventing and managing conflict by developing and using community specific early warning tracking system (CS-CEWTS) in the following communities of Rivers State- Aminigboko( Abua/Odual Local Government Area ), Marine base ( Port Harcourt City Local Government Area) Mogho ( Gokana Local Government Area.



To build the capacity of local CSOs as “conflict Mitigators” in three at risk/post communities in Rivers State




  • Better understanding of the conflict actors, history and dynamic in the three targeted communities in the Rivers State
  • Capacity of the 60 people drawn from different CBOs  in the three targeted communities built in conflict management and prevention
  • A community specific conflict Early Warning and tracking system (CS-CEWTS) have been developed and the capacity of 6 mitigators ( comprising CDC, Youth and Women) have been built  on how to use these tracking system  in three at risk communities namely Mogho, Aminigboko and Marine base in tracking conflict.
  • Establishment of CIEPD domiciled Conflict Watch Centre (CWC)