CIEPD Conflict Watch Center

CIEPD Conflict Watch Center

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The CIEPD Conflict Watch Center (CWC) is self- funding a multi-level, people driven conflict early warning and tracking system developed by the Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development in 2013 as a part of the small grant intervention implemented during the first phase of the Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programme (NSRP) on Output 1,

which basically dealt with conflict and governance in three communities: Mogho (Gokana LGA); Marine Base (Port Harcourt LGA) and Amingboko (Abua-Odual LGA). The CWC was designed to work primarily with information generated by community-based trackers, using a set of indicators that are both community specific and generated by the target communities themselves. After the end of the project in 2013 CIEPD adopted it as a mainstream program of the organization and the program has been implemented since then. During this reporting period, the CWC recorded a total of 1,516 early Warning reports ranging from cult related incidences, chieftaincy/boundary disputes etc. See below for classification. To access more information, there is a dedicated website:

cwc report

Aggregated by Reporting Categories

cwc report3

cwc report4

How many reports are verified and unverified?

Verified – 1104

Unverified – 412

cwc report5

How many early warning and intervention?

Early warning - 1,260


cwc report6

 A total of 12 conflict briefs were carried out, these helped to achieve the following results

  • Determined conflict trends and patterns and identified hotspots that guided stakeholders interventions
  • Assisted stakeholders in understanding conflict dynamic of the targeted
  • Provided accurate information to influence decision making in relation to early response to crisis

cwc report7

cwc report8

Communities and Organizations Impacted by CIEPD

cwc report9

Mentoring Arm of CIEPD

CIEPD as an organization, mentors individuals and organizations as part of her corporate responsibility to impact as many people as possible. The following are some of the beneficiaries:

  • Ngozi

Her organization and she as an individual has benefitted from various trainings and capacity building from CIEPD.

  • Livingstone

His organization and him as an individual has benefited from various trainings and capacity building from CIEPD.

  • Fenni Napoleon

He has benefited from numerous trainings and capacity building from the organization and has also been used as a facilitator for some of our projects.





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