Gokana Post-Election Violent Conflict Transformation Project.


Title of Project:           Gokana Post-Election Violent Conflict Transformation Project.

Location:                     Bayelsa State

Funding:                      (NSRP)/BRITISH COUNCIL with funding from DFID

Year:                            2015


The Post-Election Conflict Transformation Project is designed to build the capacity of the violence impacted communities to carry out election related violence transformation, mediation and trauma healing.



Improved understanding of the dynamics of election related violence in the community


Activities carried out

Activity 1: Election Related Violence Conflict Mapping/Survey

Activity 2: Election Observers/ Monitors Debriefing

Activity 3: Project Introductory Town Hall Meeting

Activity 4: Conflict Sensitivity/Transformation Training

Activity 5: Community Driven Election Violence Transformation Advocacy

Activity 6: Project Close Out Town Hall Meeting



  • Community members were able to itemized post -election violences and conflicts
  • Increased participation in the Build-A-Bridge simulation
  • Deepened understanding with built skills in conflict transformation, mediation and trauma healing.