COMA Wash Testimonies from Various Communities in Bayelsa State

COMA Wash Testimonies from Various Communities in Bayelsa State

By / Impact Stories / Thursday, 25 May 2017 16:35

Kala Dokubo Community

Kala Dokubo CommunityI give thanks to God Almighty for given us today to see like this, if not his power or the will of God such we won’t be here one way or the other deviated on an unknown destination so for that I give thanks to God on behalf of the community. Secondly I also thank the NGO that did this job for quite some time I have been seeing water project of different kinds especially the treatment 

plant, what we have been seeing is GP tank, clavel and other things but with this project, It has opened my eyes and some people to see that this is another pattern of water treatment that is well approved and usable in time for only this also its an added advantage to our life so we thank the NGO, the partnership all those that partner with the NGOs that did this , for given us a safe water. On behalf of the chief, the community and all that, I stand here to say thank you  as you did , not just only this continue to not because we have   seen this project let the NGO continue to be doing more and more even we still have other places that need water because water is life. Its only when you don’t know the value of water, you don’t know what you say, but when you know the value of water with only water somebody can be sustained so we thank you for bringing this thing for us, for bringing this thing down to our community, so on behalf of the chief and the entire community we welcome you and we say thank you and God bless you for bringing such a project to this place.


Obonoma Community

1.Obonoma Community I tell una thank you for this water wey una do especially me, this my condition na really need water and to come dey go far go dey fetch water, the thing dey worry me but as they do the water for my window corner, I wan tell una thank you because the thing do short my leg to dey go far. Una thank you for the water una give us.









Kala Dokubo Community222. Especially we wey dey do periwinkle for this Obonoma, they know say we wey dey do periwinkle you know how water dey be with us. We go fetch, we go soak ,after soaking,  roasting, we go soak am again, second time after bringing it out we go put am for water again but because of this solar water wey them give us, everything just dey si ri wa re re give us . We no get wahala, if you dey fetch now. So I tell una a big thank you on behalf of all the periwinkle sellers.







 Young Jack CommunityYoung Jack Community

S.K.Y Jack, Odiegwu , na him be my name na me be director , so the thing I wan talk, una thank you well well for this borehole wey una come do for us. The first one wey them do no good you sef you talk am, but this one wey una do dey good then una come support em chemical wey go wash the dirty comot now the water if you dey use am baf like say na rain water. If you drink am, e come be like say na this water when I dey small they dey suuply us like swam water, for here for Abonoma here they dey give us one water, them they call am swam water. If you drink that water e dey  like say na they bring am from overseas come na so now this water don dey but we still dey fear because we never hear from una mouth sey the water don dey clean. So now we don hear am Je Je Je for una mouth sey the water don clean, sey this water na better water so now my people they don come plenty now we go dey fetch am like say tomorrow no dey. Everybody  one bucket  one water, one bucket one water.




Samuel and Walter CommunitiesSamuel and Walter Communities

I wasn’t given time to write a remark, if I was given time I would have written a Voluminous remark in response to the project. We the Samuel community we are happy in respect to the project because we have suffered a lot several years ago. We have not seen a project like this before since our forefathers. We are happy that an NGO (Non–governmental 

organization) not even federal government, local government or state government to remember us, to give us a project like this. Even people from other communities, come here to fetch water, the inflow of people coming into the community has made it difficult to contain us any longer in respect to the water. So we thank the NGO for liberating us.





Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD)

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