The Women of Adagbabiri Re-Claim Their Fishing Lakes

The Women of Adagbabiri Re-Claim Their Fishing Lakes

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The Story

Adagbabiri community is located in Bayelsa State, an Ijaw ethnicity and predominantly fishing and farming community. The women of Adagbabiri have been part of the Mother for Peace under the Tungbo cluster, which was inaugurated on 31st of October 2016. After the training and inauguration of the mother for Peace cluster, Mrs. Doris

cwc impact story5Adabaebi, the chairlady of Adagbabiri community was so bothered about the way women have been economically disfranchised by the re-allocation of community women resources from them forcefully. They have made several unsuccessful efforts to reclaim these resources.

At the inauguration of Mother of Peace Tungbo cluster on 31st of October 2016 she presented the case with the title “Refusal to give ownership of the lake and Ogbono tree to women in Adagbabiri community”.

According to her, “the women have been in charge and have been making use of the 8 lakes for fishing and renting out when necessary, but the problem started in 2012 when the then CDC chairman, Chief Charles Awele, seized the lakes from the community women without compensation”.

cwc impact story6Mrs. Alaere Katere, a community woman and also member Mother for Peace, Adagbabiri said when she joined the Mother for Peace, they were taught a lot of things, especially on peace and conflict prevention, issues were being discussed as it affects and concerns women in the communities. According to her “We presented our lake problem to the mother for peace when we went to meeting, told them how the men collected our lake from us”

Mrs. Alaere Katere, member Mother for Peace Adagbabiri

During the meeting which was held in Tungbo community, Doris and her fellow women from her community presented the case to the Mother for Peace Tungbocwc impact story7 Cluster. As it is the pattern, each case is given adequate attention, discussed, analyzed and proposed resolution actions adopted for implementation.

Both Mrs Doris Andaebi and Mrs Akatere affirmed that the meeting and training gotten from the Mother for Peace has really impacted on their lives and community on how conflict cases should be handled without any form of conflict escalation that will cause unrest in the community. They said the training and advice gotten from Mother for Peace Tungbo cluster has greatly helped to improve their level of interaction within the community, using negotiation and advocacy to achieve their objective.

Mrs. Doris Adabaebi, the chairlady

of Adagbabiri Community

cwc impact story8They applauded Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Project (NSRP) and Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD) for creating the Mother for Peace, which they say has helped them not only the re-claiming of their community resources but in reduction of violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in our communities. They further reiterated that the peaceful resolution of this case was as a result of the conflict management skills acquired by the women during trainings and also lessons they are learning from cross boarder initiatives platform (M4P)

 Christiana Anthony; Bolu= Orua Chairlady

 cwc impact story9

Lakes of Adagbabiri Community, Sagbama LGA, Bayelsa State, Nilakes




Community Initiative for Enhanced Peace and Development (CIEPD)

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