Title of Project: Community Engagement for Improved and Sustainable Access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (COMA-WASH)

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Location:                     Akuku Toru Local Government of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Funding:                      European Union

Year:                            2017/2018


Water is a fundamental human need. Goal 6 of the Sustainable Development Goals sets to reduce the proportion of people without access to safe water. Water is needed for the maintenance of health and life. Its importance is not only related to the quantity, but also the quality. WHO estimated that as much as 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water, while the drinking of contaminated water is responsible for 88% of the over four billion cases of diarrhoeal diseases that occur in the world every year, and the 1.8 million deaths that result from it. It is also indirectly responsible for the 50% of childhood malnutrition that is linked to diarrheal diseases, and the 860, 000 deaths that result from them each year. With improved access to safe drinking water alone the incidence of diarrheal episodes in PLHIV is known to be significantly reduced by between 20% and 35%.



Overall objective(s)

To Strengthen Community Structures and Systems for Improved and Sustainable Access to Safe Water, Sanitation Services and Hygiene Practices to enhance the quality of life and health of people in selected wards of Akuku-Toru LGA of Rivers State.

Specific objective(s)

-To improve access of communities and households to safe water supply and sanitation

-To establish and enhance capacities of community structures to manage, and sustain WASH facilities and service delivery in selected communities in Akuku Toru LGA

-To reduce the incidence of water borne preventable diseases by promoting hygienic and sanitation behavioral changes among selected communities(5wards and 10)of Akuku Toru LGA

-To mainstream HIV components into WASH activities in Akuku Toru LGA



  • 10 target communities have access to safe drinking water. Sanitation, hygiene and water storage facilities provided in 10 target communities of Akuku Toru LGA.
  • Cases of water borne diseases reduced by 50% in target communities.
  • Schools in target communities adopt WASH practices
  • Involvement of PLHIV in WASH policy.